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MCC Research Institute for Beautiful Village and Smart City

Objective: sustainable development, human settlement upgrade, and environmental protection

Orientation: four empowering products: mass tourism, mass health, feature town, village ecological protection and habitation upgrade

Business model: systematic solutions comprising one industrial league, X product investors and Y product salers to one-stop services for all-area villages from investment, planning, design, construction and operation; 

Partners: capital investor, expert team, business invitation and operation team

References of beautiful village

Feature town of cultivation culture at Luoyan village in Yunnan 
CISDI provides full-process services from consulting to planning, design and construction. The blood-forming solutions are proposed for helping the relocated farmers out of poverty. The village is built with featured integrations between production and city, culture and tourism, agriculture and tourism, and intensive household.     

Sichuan Shehong riverside garden planning and landscaping
Creating a tourist resort in an area of 2.66 million square meters, with multiple functions for leisure, recreation, business, culture, and health

Dousha Pass ancient town, one of the 105 feature towns in Yunnan
A construction size of about 251,000 square meters
Migrant cultures mixing Bashu, Jingchu, Yunnan and Guizhou localities
Inheriting and ing southwest silk road culture and trade legend spanning one thousand yea

Highlights of smart city

City-level smart solutions are tailored to planning and design, investment and financing, integration and turnkey, construction and implementation, delivery and operations for smart city, smart park, smart building, smart energy, smart tourism, and smart governance.

MCC smart city system



References of smart city

Smart traffic

•  Leshan high-tech zone headquarters (development)

•  Chongqing underground people's air defense project at Paradise Walk North at Jiangbei District (construction)

•  Chongqing Dazu public parking lots (construction)

•  Chongqing Yunyang public parking lots (construction and operation)

Smart energy

• Chongqing Jiangbei Town CBD energy control system

• Chongqing Yongchuan People's Hospital energy control system

• Shanxi heat supply pipeline energy control system in Yuncheng


Smart environmental protection

• Environmental monitor on online production equipment for blast furnace, BOF, continuous caster, hot and cold mills for Baosteel Shanghai and Zhanjiang Plants, Pangang, Ansteel and Chongqing Steel

• Chongqing Yuelai Smart City planning 

Smart space

• Lanzhou New Area utility tunnel

• Leshan high-tech zone headquarters (development)

• Chongqing municipal Children's Medical Center

• Xichang digital city management command center

• Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center

• Chongqing Higher People's Court

• ICBC's financial background center (Chengdu)

• Chongqing rural commercial bank

Smart park

• Internet industry park at Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing

• Internet learning park at Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing

• Big data integrated pilot zone for Guiyang High-tech Zone