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National Engineering Research Center of Metallurgical Equipment Integration

It was established in February 2009 in CISDI and accepted with excellent performances by China's Ministry of Science and Technology at the end of 2012. 

It has a strong pool of experts, 200+ full-time research engineers and 5 best-known consultants. The top-level research and development center and application center are instrumental to the technological consolidation. 

The Research and Development Center is a demonstration project for energy conservation buildings. Covering a building area of 25,610 square meters among the floor area of 37,026.51 square meters, the Center is comprised of two test buildings, one accommodation building for experts, and other functional buildings, serving 500+ staff working for R&D.  

The Application Center is located at Degan Industrial Zone in Jiangjin, Chongqing. Covering a building area of 75,000 square meters among the floor area of 27 hectares, the Center holds more than 300 sets of equipment and instruments, including more than 50 sets of core equipment, and is able to produce 30,000 tonnes or USD 156 million outputs. 

The Pilot Base at the Application Center has in place the bulk material transport test platform, no-bell top test platform, and other large-sized research platforms. Over 20 smelting pilots have been completed, namely, the electric furnace vibration feeding, PCI, slag excess heat recovery, blast furnace's top distribution and serial-hopper lower valve box, newly-developed vertical segments for high-end special steel casting, RH top lance, and cost-effective mould's vibration device. 

CISDI's Research and Development Center has been invested USD 70.53 million and 1,500+ people per year. Totally 683 patents (194 patents of invention included) have been awarded out of more than 900 applied patents. The 62 software copyrights have been authorised and over 390 papers publicised. It has involved in, as a main or participatory player, 38 international, national and industrial standards. 

Over 60 researches have been commercialised; more than 200 projects for engineering consulting, design and EPC services have been undertaken. A positive cycle of research, development, product and market is formed. 


CISDI's Research and Development Center


CISDI's Application Center in Jiangjin, Chongqing


CISDI's highly-efficient, low-consumption mega blast furnace critical technology and equipment, awarded the 2nd prize for national S&T advancement 2016