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S&T: CISDI innovation results in ultra- low emissions at Shandong Longsheng Steel and Shanxi TISCO

Date:2020/3/9 Source: CISDI

Shandong Longsheng Steel and Shanxi TISCO are now producing ultra-low emissions thanks to the installation of CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator.

Measurements taken by a third party institution have recorded discharged fume dust concentration of less than 10mg/m3 - a much lower emission than China’s ULE standard.

The measurements have been carried out at six BOFs after two months of running with the wet electrostatic precipitator, a clean production measure.

A crucial technology for achieving ULE targets, CISDI’s wet precipitator for BOF primary de-dusting works by:

i) Electrostatic absorption of negative charges accumulated in dusts from BOF fumes

ii) An electric field force collects charged dust particles onto the collecting board

iii) Dusts are flushed off from the board into a dust hopper and then discharged

The wet precipitator can be built while production is running and can be easily switched into the production system.

It features a small footprint, is easy to operate and maintain and generates little resistance.

In response to complicated BOF fume conditions and the high risk of explosion, CISDI has developed a Data Wizard which provides scientific guidance for BOF melting. It enables real-timecalculation, evaluation and pre-judgment on the gas explosive risk.

Over 1,000 heats show the Data Wizard has an important role in ensuring a safe and stable operation of the wet electrostatic precipitator.

TISCO’s BOF dedusting rebuild, which features CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator