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Business System

The company will continue to put in place business systems led by consulting, driven by steel and urban construction and supported by manufacture, IT and smart applications, energy conservation and environmental protection. It will push forward quality-centred and sustainable development. 

Consolidating world leading systematic solutions to the full processes of iron and steel industry, CISDI provides industry guiding solutions through consulting, driving its core activities of iron and steel engineering and urban construction which are realized through the synergy of engineering technology, advanced equipment, intelligent automation with IT and smart applications, combining big data and internet plus with a goal of sustaining the creation of values for our global clients.

  • Consultingunderstand more>>

    Based on systematic, economic and sustainable principles, the differentiated consulting methodology is established by the synergy of multi-disciplinary technologies with industry and strategic plans. The methodology combines project planning, design, construction and operation with technology and management.   

    In steel industry, CISDI Consulting conducts in-depth studies on supply-side structural reform's significance and adopts tailored concepts to projects that are oriented to outstanding and increased capacities. We propose general design, master plan and front-end consulting services for the increases, and address systematic optimisation and competitiveness enhancement for the outstanding capacities. 

    In infrastructure construction industry, CISDI ably provides the integrated solutions to the regional development and construction from industry planning to business format planning, urban planning, investment, exploration, building, business invitation and operation.  

  • Steel engineeringunderstand more>>

    CISDI is readjusted corporate strategic orientations: to be the world's leading iron & steel engineering service provider, a China's metallurgical front runner and a central research institute for ferrous metal.  

    Through systematic solutions for the complete ferrous metallurgical processes, CISDI is guided by consulting and creates value for its global clients through the integration of technological process, equipment, electric and automation, smart and IT applications, and operations management, combining big data and internet plus technologies.

    In response to the trends in the global steel market for industrial transformation and upgrading, CISDI focuses on providing systematic and advanced technologies for restructuring, industry upgrading, intelligent and environmentally-conscious manufacture through the development of new technology, new process, new material and new manufacturing method. 

    Keen on the Belt and Road Initiative and tapping the potential in the industrial capacity cooperation with other countries, we are expanding exports of advanced steel technology and core equipment and actively involved in steelworks' rebuilds while increasing our shares of Greenfield projects in developed countries. 

  • Urban Constructionunderstand more>>

    CISDI is positioned as an expert for urban construction and set a base for MCC Research Institute for Beautiful Village and Smart City. 

    We provide expertise solutions to regional development approached from consulting and propelled by industrial economy. Our solutions cover a wide range of value creations from smart city to beautiful village, assets operational management, high-end real estate, green building, urban traffic and utility tunnel. 

  • Equipment Manufacture  understand more>>

    We are intensifying studies and research on products, combined with process design, to increase integration and standardisation capabilities. 

    Aiming for provision of high-end equipment, we continue to improve the intelligent manufacture methodology and mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration capacity and are an active player in research and application of new materials and new process. We can provide packaged services to steel structures and prefabricated buildings. 

  • Energy Conservation and Environmental Protectionunderstand more>>

    CISDI provides systematic solutions for a range of thermal and environmental issues.The scope of expertise covers digital industrial furnace, sensible heat recovery of metallurgical slag, environment-friendly ultra-high-voltage thermal electricity, distributed energy, rotary hearth furnace for solid and hazardous waste treatment, supercritical waters' hazardous waste treatment, ZLD for industrial water system. 

    We prefer to take a combination between industry and finance for boosting the upgrades.

  • Intelligent and IT Applicationsunderstand more>>

    We provide multi-layered and full-process intelligent manufacture solutions and Industry 4.0-based technologies and products. We serve the urban construction's consulting plan, systematic implementation, platform building and operation, infrastructure framing and maintenance of IT system. We create smart park, utility tunnel, traffic and energy products. 

    Nudge+ is our self-developed office platform open to all.